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At The Import Home we are a team of people passionate about technology. A company designed to provide a safe, fast and reliable experience.


For more than twelve years we have been direct distributors of brands such as Samsung, LG, Epson. We manufacture audio, video and lighting products under our own brand Xaiki.


We focus on understanding the needs of our customers to provide a great online shopping experience. Accompanying the entire process with online support 365 days a year.


Quality products, trained customer service team, efficient and fast service, free and timely delivery.


We use the best door-to-door services available to deliver our products quickly and in the safest way, providing information to the customer at all times of the location of their shipment.


Trust is the fundamental principle that sustains all relationships. This philosophy has guided our growth and has helped us add happy customers for years. The many positive feedbacks are our best asset.


We not only sell products, we provide a service assuming a responsible commitment to total satisfaction, a close relationship to always be there when you need us.

Quality products
Best prices
24/7 Support